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Levi Karter

Levi Karter
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Levi Karter

As a well-known star in the porn industry, Levi Karter has received numerous awards for his explosive performances. For his part in "The Haunting," he was nominated in the Best Group Awards category at the 2015 Grabby Awards. The performance showed how Levi can stand out in an ensemble of hot actors. With Fleshjack toys, now you can experience this stud in a new way.

Levi is a muscular hunk. While he stands just 5'4" tall and weighs a slim 140 pounds, his throbbing anatomy more than makes up for the difference. His penis measures 7 inches from balls to tip, with a girth of 5.75 inches. Born in Paraguay and raised in Ohio, Levi Karter is known for his infatuation with Rihanna and her music. This is why his sleek chest sports a big "R" tattoo. A favorite of men and women alike, Levi Karter packs a lot into his package.

With a birthday of May 15, Levi Karter is a Taurus. This astrological sign is known for its persistence, drive and hardheadedness. Drive combined with a hard head is just what you will get when you thrust into a Levi Karter sex toy. In his films, he is often seen with his best friend and frequent partner, Liam Riley. You can act out your own fantasies as Levi's partner with Fleshjack's intense ass sleeves and the exact cock replica dildo made from a perfect cast of his penis.

Experience Incredible Sensations With the Levi Karter Ass Sleeve

Levi Karter's tight butt is highly regarded in the adult film industry. As you might imagine, his custom Fleshjack sleeve is designed with an exclusive texture that replicates the firm feel. The ass sleeve begins with a pert, tight opening that's perfectly rounded and features a cute little swirl around the opening. As you penetrate the opening, your flesh will be treated to a triple row of rings, followed by head-to-head beads that pop out and wrap all the way around your erection. When you thrust farther inside the sleeve, you'll feel protrusions and ripples that will satisfy all of your needs for stimulation.

The insertable length for the Levi Karter Fleshjack Sensations Explosive sleeve is 8.5 inches, and it accommodates just about any girth for a fully satisfying orgasm. With the case, this Fleshjack toy measures 9.75 inches long. Hold it or attach it to one of the Fleshjack mounts to experience a variety of exciting positions. The end result of this ass sleeve will be more intense than almost anything you have ever experienced.

Penetrate Levi Karter's Tight Ass

Once you try the Fleshjack Sensations Explosive, you might also want to experience Levi Karter's tight ass with the Squeeze sleeve. This sleeve has an ultra-tight entry, grasping you in a full 360-degree hug. The opening has a luscious curve to it, just like his butt cheeks. Levi's favorite position is bottom, and with this ass sleeve, you can play out your fantasies of giving him just what he likes.

As you penetrate the tight, round opening, feel the ribbed rings that deliver expert sensations to the base of your shaft. When you thrust farther inside of the sleeve, the bends and swirls will deliver some of the most intense sensations you've ever had. Try using it along with your other stamina training products to enhance your performance in the bedroom.

Feel Levi's Hardness with Dildo Toys

As you may have noticed when watching Levi Karter perform, he likes to give as well as receive pleasure. With the replica cock dildo, you can be on the receiving end of his pleasure force. This dildo looks just like his fully erect penis. It's perky and straight, with a slight angle at its head to provide you with excellent prostate stimulation when fully inserted. By pairing it with the Water, Fire or Ice Fleshlube, you can facilitate a smooth insertion and incredible ride on this dildo.

Fleshjack's replica of Levi Karter's penis is made of exquisitely textured, platinum-cured silicone. This material warms up to your body temperature, providing you with a more realistic experience and intense orgasm than you might have thought was possible. At the base of the dildo, Levi's balls form a curvaceous pleasure zone to stimulate the nerve endings that surround your anus. Up the shaft, the cock is smooth and firm to the touch, just like his real member. The Levi Karter dildo measures 7 inches long from balls to tip.

Join Levi and His Friends for Communal Play

If you just cannot get enough of Levi Karter and his friends, why not try the Get Cocky pack? This combo set includes dildos replicating the shafts of Levi, his partner Liam Riley and their mutual friend Boomer Banks. Liam Riley's cock measures 6.5 inches long and 5 inches in girth at its base. The Boomer Banks dildo is epic in size, measuring 9 inches long from the balls to the tip of the shaft.

These three perform together well on the screen, and you can bring that performance right into your own bedroom with this set of realistic dildos. These toys are exact replicas of the guys' members, allowing you to immerse yourself in all of their adventures. If you're yearning to have sex with Levi Karter, these ass sleeves and replica cocks deliver all of the satisfaction you desire. Fleshjack provides the toys that can satisfy your sexual desires.

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