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Carter Dane

Carter Dane
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Carter Dane

A "power bottom" in the gay male world is a guy who likes being submissive but also in control at the same time. One of the most successful power bottoms in the entire gay porn industry is performer and underwear model Carter Dane.

Dane comes from a small town of only 900 people in Quebec, Canada. In fact, he grew up with simple and humble beginnings on a dairy farm. With his mesmerizing hazel eyes, thick dark hair, muscular body and plump behind, Carter is a true heartthrob. In addition to being incredibly sexy, his pleasant personality is an inspiration to all of his fans. Of course, his 7-inch penis has a way of satisfying fans as well.

As one of Jake Jaxson's and R.J. Sebastian's CockyBoys, Carter Dane says he's grateful that he became an adult entertainer. "It pushed me to be a better person," he claims. The French Canadian has been able to give back by helping young gay men from all over the world with concerns such as coming out, body issues and self-love. Being a Fleshjack Boy allows Dane to promote his positive attitude regarding masturbation. Fittingly, Fleshjack now has a line of toys inspired by this hot porn star.

Talented in Many Ways

True fans of adult entertainers know that many of these performers possess more than just on-screen talents. Carter Dane is no exception. He was classically trained in ballet and still takes the occasional ballet classes. In fact, you can sometimes find Dane dancing in one of the many social media videos he offers his fans. His dance training helped to give him one of the firmest and most flexible backsides. He also credits his perfect posterior and general physique to eating well, frequent visits to the gym, yoga and motivation by fitness model Bryan Hawn.

Every adult star launches his or her career somewhere, and Dane's first ever porn scene was with gay adult entertainer Diego Sans of Men, a sister company of Sean Cody. However, his first CockyBoys scene was with fellow CockyBoys performer Colby Keller. "He is the sweetest man alive, yet he had complete control over me," said Dane of Keller. Indeed, Dane played the role of the submissive, something he's perfected as an adult porn star.

By watching Carter's on-screen partners worship and play with his superb body, you may be able to quench some of your desires. However, you could take the eroticism a step further with the Carter Dane sex toy. This product from Fleshjack truly replicates Carter's most intimate of parts.

Go Deep Into Carter Dane With the Bon Appétit Fleshjack Sensation

There are adult entertainers, and then there are top adult entertainers who are known for something unique. For Carter Dane, it's his impossibly perfect bottom. You've fantasized about what it would be like to insert your length into Carter and experience the sensation. Now you can with Carter Dane's exclusive sleeve by Fleshjack called Bon Appétit.

With an 8.5-inch insertable length, Bon Appétit contains chambers that feel just like Carter. These chambers, which are ridged for your ultimate pleasure, are sure to blow your mind. Whether you're in need of some action after a long day on the job or during a casual weekend in bed, the Bon Appétit will fulfill your desires.

Play With a Signature Replicate of Carter's Famous Penis

Lucky for you, Fleshjack likes to provide variety. That's why there's more than one Carter Dane toy to play with. In addition to the Bon Appétit, you can enjoy the dildo, an exact replica of Carter's beautiful anatomy. Made with high-quality, platinum-cured silicone, Dane's reproduction is an accurate 7 inches from the tip to the base, including Carter's balls. Chances are no matter where you insert this life-like dildo, you'll be returning to playing with it time and time again.

Carter Dane Options Expand Your Sexual Adventures

If you want both of Carter Dane's signature toys, go for the Carter Dane: Bon Appétit and Dildo Pack. You'll get a Fleshjack Boys CockyBoys case, Bon Appétit, Carter Dane's dildo and an 8-ounce bottle of Fleshlube Water.

All active gay men know that lube is an essential component of an intense sex life. If you really want to make things slick, you can try all of the Fleshlube products with the Fleshlube: Elements Pack. The pack includes Water, Fire and Ice, which are all made of the highest-quality medical-grade ingredients. Water produces a silky-smooth experience to enhance activity; Fire is developed from a warming-lubricant technology that gives you sensuous heat on contact; and Ice is for those who desire a cooling, tingling sensation.

One of the ways you'll probably want to use your new Fleshjack toys is while watching Carter Dane perform on screen. In the 21st century, the most popular place to find your favorite porn performances is online, and chances are your phone is one of the primary ways you get that entertainment. Now you can watch Carter Dane on your phone without worrying about how to manage it all. The PhoneStrap allows you to secure your smartphone to your leg while you play with your Carter Dane Bon Appétit or dildo. There's no juggling or trying to balance everything. You can get busy without any distractions.

Always the perfectionist, Carter Dane strives for greatness in the adult industry. "Call me old-fashioned," he said, "but I truly enjoy a storyline." Dreaming up fantasizes is one thing, but acting on them is quite another. Now you can bring your Fleshjack to bed and have sex with Carter Dane in whatever scenario you wish.

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