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Jake Bass

Jake Bass
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Jake Bass

In a sea of blond-haired and golden-muscled gay porn stars, Jake Bass has made a name for himself as a sweet-faced bad boy with dark hair, tattoos, and a wicked smile. Bass is known by his fans and scene partners as being flexible in every way, so we've got you covered for all your fantasies. We offer both custom Jake Bass Fleshjack sleeves and a dildo so you can feel this wild one wherever (and however) you please.

While Jake Bass had been doing porn for VideoBoys since 2011, this Canadian cutie's popularity soared practically overnight when he was approached directly by owner Jake Jaxson to join CockyBoys, one of gay porn's most well-known production companies. With his gorgeous blue-green eyes and head-to-toe ink, Bass perfectly embodies this company's logo, which includes devil horns and an angel's halo over the "o's." CockyBoys has been recognized by New York Magazine and as a peak high-end gay porn producer, and fans were quick to make Bass one of their stars. He's known on the website for his effortless ability to both top and bottom, his powerful orgasms, and his fun, flirty personality that comes through in every video. This hottie has also revealed that he prefers missionary during sex, making him a total closet romantic.

Jake Bass maintains an air of mystery online when it comes to his past and private life, but he's happy to let fans catch a glimpse of his young, vibrant personality on social media. This boy is a social butterfly whose Instagram is filled with pictures of nights out on the town, food with friends, and visits to the gym. He's a Pisces, born February 22nd, and has revealed that his real name is French and hard for Americans to pronounce. His stage name, Bass, came from fellow brooding bad boy Chuck Bass from the TV show Gossip Girl. According to his profile on, he loves Italian food, playing video games, and the movie Mysterious Skin. He also admits he's known for being sarcastic, which might explain why fans adore his filthy mouth.

Bass splits his time between New York City and his native Montreal. He's known for his unconventional, alternative personal style, which includes his many tattoos. He jokes that he's a little short to be a mainstream model, but Bass is known for his sexy street style and for wearing the latest in alt fashion -- that is, when he's wearing clothes at all. Unlike many other gay porn stars, Bass is recognizable in the mainstream for being a popular face on social media; he's even been featured on the covers of gay romance novels.

Turn Up the Heat With Jake Bass and His Scorching Body

Jake Bass has a tight, compact body with an understated strength used to surprise and please his partners. He's 5'6" and weighs 145 lbs. His has a 6-inch cock with a perfect girth of 4.5 inches -- which makes his custom Fleshjack dildo an amazing buy. He has a large lotus on his neck in pastel green, purple, and yellow; an elaborate chest piece that he still adds to; and the words "king of hearts" on the insides of his fingers. The beautiful cursive tattoo on his ribs reads, "We are here to laugh at the odds and live our lives so well that death will tremble to take us," which is a quote by underground author Charles Bukowski. Jake Bass also has gauged ears.

Jake Bass has starred in many successful CockyBoys DVD productions, including Answered Prayers, Road Strip, and Project Gogo Boy. He's always getting into character as mysterious men who want to get you a little messed up. He has that perfectly innocent face that seduces you in a flash. Bass's intense, smoldering gaze makes him a dominating top while his soft lips and tight ass make him an ideal submissive bottom. He's been in scenes in everything from snap-backs and sneakers to three-piece suits, making him (and his toys) your versatile fantasy for any filthy situation you may desire.

Make Your Dirty Dreams Reality With a Jake Bass Sex Toy

With Bass's beautiful pale skin and adorable bubble butt, he's a fan favorite for anal scenes. He always looks like he's having the time of his life, no matter who his scene partner may be. The Dream Fleshjack gives you a tapering grip with a swirl of bumps and ridges that will keep you right on the edge with long, slow strokes. The Squeeze sleeve provides a tight, wavy passage for your hottest, most intense anal fantasies. Both of these sleeves have an 8.5-inch insertable length so you can thrust nice and deep. They also feature the pert little pucker of his asshole that his fans go absolutely nuts over.

Another way to have sex with Jake Bass is with his custom Fleshjack dildo. You'll never forget who is rocking your world because his tattoo-like signature is molded into the dildo right above the base of the shaft. This dildo is made with high-quality, platinum cured silicone with the perfect flexible firmness for anal masturbation. This perfectly textured, uncut toy comes in at six inches with the balls and a 5-inch insertable length.

Jake Bass sizzles in scenes with his partners, but he's also known for being a romantic sweetheart, always ready to kiss and stare deeply into his partner's eyes while he brings them to climax. Use these explosive Fleshjack toys to fulfill all of your Jake Bass fantasies, from heavenly to absolutely devilish. Don't forget to stock up on lube.

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